(These are my great grandparents...FMS)
JOHNSON Washington M 30 ---- Farmer KY KY KY 120/120 Susan M F 28 wife Keeping House MO KY KY
John W M 10 son Works on Farm MO KY MO (grandfather)Granvill M 7 son MO KY MO James W M 5 son MO KY MO Marcus I M 2 son MO KY MO CHANEY Hester A F 40 Servant MO KY KY
CHANEY Marcus M 67 ---- Cooper KY KY KY (father of Susan M (Johnson) 121/121 Sarah A F 39 wife Keeping House TN AL TN John F M 17 son Works on Farm MO KY TN Lucinda F 12 dau Works on Farm MO KY TN Martha F 11 dau Works on Farm MO KY TN Jane F 4 dau MO KY TN James M 2 son MO KY TN
JOHNSON Wesley M 23 ---- Farming MO KY KY 175/177 Nancy M F 17 wife Keeping House MO TN IN Wm H M 5/12 son MO MO MO
JOHNSON Granvill M 46 ---- Farming KY KY KY 176/178 Mahala F 42 wife Keeping House KY AL AL George W M 20 son Rhumatism(?) KY KY KY Nancy M F 16 dau Blind KY KY KY Andrew C M 14 son KY KY KY James T M 12 son KY KY KY Malinda B F 10 dau KY KY KY Charles S M 8 son KY KY KY Granvill C M 2 son MO KY KY
JOHNSON John W M 23 ---- Farming KY KY KY 177/179 Hetta J F 20 wife Keeping House KY KY KY Sarah M F 3 dau MO KY KY Susan E F 6/12 dau MO KY KY COLLINS Abagal F 47 Keeping House IN NC NC
JOHNSON William M 51 ---- Farming KY VA VA 184/186 Nancy F 53 wife Keeping House KY NC PA
JOHNSON David M 39 ---- Farming IL GA GA 208/210 Mary A F 27 wife Keeping House TN TN TN Clara E F 4 dau AR IL TN David J M 2 son ** IL TN Manerva(?)J F 3/12 dau MO IL TN ** Cherokee Nation
JOHNSON Jefferson M 54 ---- Minister Gospel KY NC NC 242/247 Pernice F 56 wife Keeping House KY KY KY John L M 16 son IL KY KY
In household of Robt ROBENITT(?) bro-in-law #264/269 JOHNSON Margaret-C F 40 Keeping House KY KY NC 264/270 James D M 20 son Works on Farm KY KY KY Isaac M 17 son Works on Farn KY KY KY Mary E F 15 dau Works on Farm KY KY KY Sariah M F 9 dau IN KY KY JONES Mary C F 67 mother Keeping House NC NC NC


JOHNSON Nancy F 57 Keeping House KY SC MD 15/16 Mary M F 34 dau KY AL KY Martha F F 29 dau KY AL KY Nancy C F 26 dau MO AL KY Eliza J F 24 dau MO AL KY Josenia F 22 dau MO AL KY George W M 20 son MO AL KY Mathew S M 18 son MO AL KY


JOHNSON Cicero M 25 ---- Teacher MO MO MO 16/16 G J F 25 wife Keeping House MO -- -- C A F 8/12 dau MO MO MO


JOHNSON James M 78 ---- Farmer NC VA VA 28/28 Frances F 74 wife Keeping House VA VA VA NASH Martha E F 39 dau Keeping House NC NC VA James A M 19 son Farmer MO TN NC John H M 15 son MO TN NC William M 12 son MO TN NC Sarah E F 9 dau MO TN NC
In household of Elizabeth BOGARTH(?) #35/35 JOHNSON William A M 11 gr-son MO TN MO Sarah R F 10 gr-dau MO TN MO
JOHNSON Adam M 28 ---- Farmer MO MO MO 36/36 Sarah H F 26 wife Keeping House MO TN TN Elizabeth M F 8 dau MO MO MO Andrew L M 2 son MO MO MO


In household of Hiram ROLLER #17/17 JOHNSON Malvina F 4/12 MO -- --
JOHNSON Thomas M 24 ---- Farmer TN TN TN 31/31 Mary A F 17 wife MO TN TN Ritti Frances 11/12 dau MO TN MO
JOHNSON G R M 43 ---- Farmer VA VA VA 33/33 Elizabeth F 38 wife Keeping House IN TN TN Emeline F 20 dau TN VA TN G A M 17 son TN VA TN Geo W M 15 son VA VA TN James M M 13 son VA VA TN Sarah L F 12 dau KY VA TN M J F 10 dau MO VA TN R I F 8 dau MO VA TN Amanda F 4 dau MO VA TN Arizona F 2 dau MO -- --
JOHNSON Geo W M 35 ---- Farmer VA VA VA 35/35 Martha J F 32 wife Keeping House VA VA VA G Armand M 14 son KY VA VA Sarah Ann F 13 dau KY VA VA James Monroe 11 son KY VA VA Elias M 9 son KY VA VA John M 7 son KY VA VA Martha F 5 KY VA VA Jessee M 3 son KY VA VA William M 6/12 son MO VA VA


JOHNSON Thos M M 46 ----- Farmer AL TN NC 12/12 Julian F 48 wife Keeping House IL IL IL Lovey P F 23 dau MO AL VA Andrew J M 16 son MO AL VA Jas W M 9 son MO IL AL Aron F M 5 son MO IL AL JOHNSON Lovey F 78 mother NC VA VA
JOHNSON Thomas T M 58 ---- Farming KY KY KY 38/38 Harriet N F 52 wife Keeping House VA VA VA Thos H M 11 son KY TN AR
JOHNSON Aron M 40 ---- Farming AL GA VA 88/88 Alibetha F 42 wife Keeping House MO NC VA Moses M 20 son Work in Store MO MO MO Henry M 18 son MO MO MO Isaac M M 16 son MO MO MO Lovia J F 13 dau MO MO MO Sarah C F 11 dau MO MO MO Eastor E F 8 dau MO MO MO
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